Stories In Class 


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How I feel happy

How I Feel Scared

How I Feel Silly

Boo the baby elephant grow up

The honey tree

Alberta sparrow

Alphabet funnies ABC

A bug story time

A trip to the zoo

Babies learn how

Billy Bob Buzzard

Book of Nonsense: 4 Limericks

Donkey Jack

Funny Sunny Bunny Day

Jilia and the big wave

Jungle eyes

Nigel the duck and the flying umbrella

Oliver the owl and Penny the porcupine

Pink and purple pumpkins

Ricky the raccoon learns about recycling

Robbie and the Fire Truck

The baby sitter

The day little "a" ran away

The new puppy

What do I see

What's in the small green box

When I find courage


Goofy Grandma

Lights on Light out

Bill's birthday cake


Captian caitlyn to the rescue

Crazy mixed-up Yak from Yakima

Croak went the hog and oink went the frog

Do not open


Drippy the icicle

House for sale

If only I were

Jungle bungle journey

Katrina the caterpillar

Katy Katoo and Katy's cat Coco


Micentro Mozart

Moogie the Messy Beastie

Pampered pals

Puddles for all seasons

Puppy gets a check up

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Eve

The frog princess

The Run-Amock Pigbot

The telephone game

What if  the moon

Zero the Hero


Gwendolyn the Library fairy

How Mona Lisa got her smile

Mary the fairy

Mr. Rabbit Goes to Town

Nat and Pat have a spat

Oliver's high five

One starry night

Rainbow planet

River Otter

Test trouble

The adventures of super letterman

The Blue lined socks

The Mermaid who wanted to dance

The muskrat mix-up

The time machine

Valiant Chris James

Weather and Mother Nature

Why snow falls in winter

Machu Picchu

A Whale of a Tale

The Fox and the Grapes


Calico Pie